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11Jacqui Fletcher

Jacqui Fletcher

Performing Arts

Mangrove Mountain

Satyananda Yoga Teacher, Singer (particularly blues)

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I have a keen interest in health and wellbeing so both my practice and teaching have developed a strong therapeutic focus – something that the Satyananda system of Yoga lends itself well to. Each week, I have a particular theme or focus to my classes. The inspiration for these themes comes from a variety of sources including the seasons, Yogic philosophy, student requests and health issues identified by the students themselves.

I found this style of Yoga during a period in my life when I was seriously ill with an auto-immune disease. As with all such illnesses, stress plays a big part in my level of wellbeing. When I attended my first Satyananda Yoga® class, I couldn’t believe the level of relaxation I had achieved in just an hour and a half of practice. I was hooked immediately!!!

I decided I needed to find a way to incorporate Yoga into my everyday life. I had an extremely stressful career and I just knew it was time for a change. So I spent two and a half years training full-time with the Satyananda Yoga® Academy at Mangrove Creek. In addition to a comprehensive study of all aspects of Satyananda Yoga®, the course also included extensive training in anatomy & physiology as well as exercise science.

In addition to holding general classes, I am also available to develop individual programs and teach one-on-one or small group classes to deal with specific issues. I currently teach at Watanobbi Community Centre, Tuggerah Business Park and will be commencing classes at Mangrove Mountain when school goes back at the end of January next year.

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